Meet Svetlin Dobrev at DIGI PAY, Sofia

Svetlin Dobrev @digipay

Interested in learning how to maximize ROI while also combating Fraud and AML with a single solution? Hint:  You must be extremely careful when selecting a riskops platform.

Svetlin Dobrev, co-founder and COO of NOTO, will provide an insightful summary of his decades of research and experience to assist you in making the best decision. Join him at the third DIGI PAY conference, where he will share the most recent innovations in the world of fraud prevention and risk management onstage.

About NOTO

Notolytix is a Bulgarian fintech company, established in 2015 by a group of specialists with extensive experience in the field of fraud prevention in the financial sector. The company’s main product is called NOTO – a software solution that addresses real-time AML and Anti Fraud threats of various kinds. NOTO can process transactions from all payment channels and is an extremely fast and flexible assistant to Compliance and Anti Fraud experts.

To learn more about NOTO, visit About NOTO