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Payment Fraud

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Loyalty abuse

Merchant Risk


We have it all

Omni-Channel Support

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Flexible Structure

Open System Architecture

User Profiling

Advanced Data Aggregations

Forward Data Mapping

Workflow Management


Fine-tune your payment acceptance with our intuitive and flexible rule engine to dramatically reduce chargeback rates.

Get better visibility over your customer base to determine the risk of every single transaction, registration, login, etc. and prevent fraud before it happens.

Profile your customers’ activity and easily detect out of place behaviour. Decrease the risk of account take overs while keeping your processes as consumer-friendly as possible.

Maintain an optimal number of manual reviews and focus your attention on growing your business rather than spending time and resources on maintaining an oversized team.

Set IP rules to control website access on a firewall level to weed out potential attackers but still let your genuine users transact with you promptly and safely.

Use our comprehensive reports to pinpoint areas of improvements not only in the performance of your business rules, but throughout your services and customer experience.