Welcome on board, Rado!

Rado Petsov

Rado Petsov

Joining NOTO as a Sales Director!

We are happy to welcome onboard our new Sales Director Rado Petsov!


He joins us with one simple task in mind – help Notolytix become an industry leader in the anti-fraud and AML space.


Rado has over 10 years of IT sales experience, and he has worked in both large enterprises and disruptive startups. And he has a lot of funny stories to share! Rado has domain knowledge in anti-fraud, cyber security and cloud technologies, and believes that it is his diverse professional background that gives him a unique perspective on the current business challenges. 


He has worked and lived in both the UK and Bulgaria, and graduated law at university. In his free time Rado enjoys working on DIY projects and travelling.