SumUp selected NOTO to support them in their exponential growth over 3 continents


The fraud detection tools had to be configurable to the rules, regulations, and behaviors of each market to account for different local challenges.

SumUp is the leading mPOS provider in Europe and a global fintech company, serving thousands of merchants.

NOTO provides SumUp with a platform that allows the seamless creation of rules for any anti-fraud analysts and helps to significantly improve testing capabilities and fraud mitigation:

  • Create customized NOTO rules across our core markets: Brazil, Europe, and the USA
  • Empower regional teams to configure and monitor their own rules
  • Implement new rules quickly and efficiently
  • Minimize fraud false-positive rates in the staging environment
  • Analyze resolved cases to evaluate rule effectiveness more efficiently
  • Adjust fraud detection rules over time

About NOTO

Notolytix Ltd. was founded in 2015 by a group of – fraud prevention & IT veterans, from global companies like Groupon, Paysafe and Rakuten 

NOTO is an enterprise grade solution designed to address all financial crime threats. NOTO is data agnostic and uniquely flexible solution that empowers its users to efficiently combat fraud and money laundering across any vertical or industry. NOTO delivers unsurpassed ROI and truly global capabilities. 

One simple integration helps companies transform their approach to fraud, compliance and risk management in any sector or vertical. 

To learn more about NOTO, visit About NOTO