Notolytix Ltd and CubeIQ Ltd join forces!

NOTO has a complete set of solutions addressing perfectly the iGaming and Gambling industry needs in regards to financial crime management

CubeIQ Limited, an IT company provider of software solutions and systems for financial, banking and corporate institutions announces joining forces with Notolytix Ltd.

Notolytix Ltd. it is a next generation financial crime prevention solution provider. With their flagship product NOTO real time fraud detection platform help their customers to successfully deal with any Fraud, AML, or abuse problems. NOTO’s proprietary solution offers unmatched flexibility and ROI. The solution adapts to client business and not the other ways around. NOTO platform enables fraud and compliance professionals to put their know-how to work with almost no limitations.

Seemingly different use cases such as fraud prevention, AML, account compromise and credit risk, have common roots, the underlying event data. NOTO platform process data in multifold ways and deliver ample and instant decisions. With a simple and straightforward integration, companies transform their approach to fraud and risk management in any sector or vertical. Data and sector agnostic, NOTO delivers results beyond expectations covering different industry sectors such as (a) Payment Fraud, (b) Account Fraud and ATO, (c) Loyalty abuse, (d) Merchant Risk and (e) Compliance requirements.

CubeIQ partnered with Notolytix Ltd. to combine leading Real Time Fraud Detection technology with CubeIQ’s Digital Banking Strong Customer Authentication and Regulatory Compliance technology and know-how. CubeIQ is an official reseller/partner for Notolytix Ltd.

About CubeIQ

CubeIQ Limited is a leading provider of software solutions, systems, business process re-engineering solutions and professional services to banks, financial institutions and corporations in South and East Europe.

CubeIQ’s portfolio of solutions and systems include: Item & Document – Cheque Processing Systems, Cheque Book Issuance Systems, Fraud Detection & Prevention Systems, Anti Money Laundry Systems, Electronic Transaction Processing & Card Management Systems, SWIFT Reconciliation and Messaging Applications, Document Management & Electronic Workflow Systems, Prepaid Services Electronic Distribution Systems, SMS Messaging Systems, Electronic Loyalty Systems and a number of specialized equipment such as Cheque Scanners, Encoders, Sorters, Cheque Book Issuance Machines, Single & Dual Terminal Cash Dispensing – TCDs and Cash Recycling Machines – TCRDs, Cheque Book Dispensing – Cheque Deposit, Bill Payment and Multifunctional Terminals, specialized Automatic Teller Machines – ATMs, Cash Deposit, Cash Recycling and Multifunctional ATMs.

CubeIQ was established in 2003 by a group of professionals with long and successful presence in the Greek banking market. The company is specialized in Business Process Re-engineering focused in the Banking and Electronic Transaction Processing Market. Our leading-edge software solutions can transform business processes in a more efficient, more productive and cost saving way. More on CubeIQ Risk, AML and Compliance solutions at

About NOTO

Notolytix Ltd. was founded in 2015 by a group of – fraud prevention & IT veterans, from global companies like Groupon, Paysafe and Rakuten 

NOTO is an enterprise grade solution designed to address all financial crime threats. NOTO is data agnostic and uniquely flexible solution that empowers its users to efficiently combat fraud and money laundering across any vertical or industry. NOTO delivers unsurpassed ROI and truly global capabilities. 

One simple integration helps companies transform their approach to fraud, compliance and risk management in any sector or vertical. 

To learn more about NOTO, visit About NOTO