NOTO expands global presence to South America

NOTO signs a key partnership with Chile based LatAm Payment Group

NOTO signs a key partnership with Chile based LatAm Payment Group

To broaden availability of its products and services, NOTO coordinates a network of partners in multiple global locations. The recent partnership with the Chile based LatAm Payment Group “LPG” offers distinct customer advantages, including closer access, making it more convenient to do business within the same time zone.

The regtech industry is expanding internationally, largely driven by the consumer market for fraud prevention and regulatory compliance services.  In South America, a demand for innovative fraud and risk tools already exists in various industries, ranging from ecomm to payment services. NOTO, in partnership with LPG, are ready to meet these needs.

LPG is growing in Latin American countries such as Chile, Peru and Argentina, delivering payment solutions to big retailers that are facing a multitude of issues with their existing e-commerce channels. Deploying NOTO allows to mitigate one of the biggest issues for e-commerce in the region. NOTO will help LPG to instantaneously monitor, detect and act on fraud, reducing Chargebacks and providing a much health volume of transactions and customers.


 About NOTO

NOTO, a product of Notolytix Ltd. is a real-time data processing platform that is completely data and industry agnostic and allows organizations to process any type of customer events and deliver instant alerts, recommendations and actions. NOTO can be implemented at a single or multiple points of customer interaction and covers all payment channels offered by the customer, allowing for omni-channel fraud prevention and payments monitoring.


About LPG

Based in Santiago, Chile, LatAm Payment Group “LPG” has experienced executives with e-commerce, banking and retail background.

LPG offers customized solutions to increase sales conversion rates, reduce fraud, automations and monitor refunds, e-wallets and B2B payment tools.

LPG are currently present in Chile and Peru, partnering  Airlines, the most relevant retailer in the region, as well as various companies that provide alternative payment solutions, such as instant debit and wire transfers.