Kantox Deploys NOTO Fraud and Risk Management

kantox + NOTO Risk Management

Kantox, the Fintech specialist on FX risk management solutions for businesses has deployed NOTO’s fraud and risk management solution to manage customer onboarding, AML and KYC risk and fraud screening across its digital sales channels.
NOTO supports the risk management and fraud prevention efforts of leading companies across different business verticals. Its proprietary software platform is offered as a hosted or onsite solution and allows companies of all sizes and industries to operate a multiple choice real-time decision making platform, allowing screening of unlimited number of customer events, lowering risks and maximizing good transactions to help businesses scale up.

About NOTO

NOTO, a product of Notolytix Ltd. is a real-time data processing platform that is completely data and industry agnostic and allows organisations to process any type of customer events and deliver instant alerts, recommendations and actions. NOTO can be implemented at a single or multiple points of customer interaction and covers all payment channels offered by the customer, allowing for omni-channel fraud prevention and payments monitoring.

About Kantox

Kantox is a multinational Fintech company offering FX management solutions. Every day, we work hard to solve one of the major pain points faced by international firms: currency management. Our expertise, products and solutions allow our clients to manage their currency exposure, build hedging strategies, automate FX transactions and to process international payments intelligently and efficiently.
This enables us to generate significant savings, as well as increased efficiency and productivity for our clients all with full transparency. Our 2,000 clients have traded over $5 billion in 20 countries. Kantox is headquartered in London and authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority (reference number 580343).