Increase your conversion rates and maximize your profit with NOTO, a next generation transaction monitoring solution.

Paladin Vendor Report

NOTO  combines an omni-channel fraud detection and prevention engine and enhanced machine learning to help you optimize your sales and protect your business.  

Built by industry leading risk experts, Noto gives you a peace of mind and takes care of analyzing data from multiple sources to deliver powerful and actionable insights to support your operational decisions. 

Download the 2022 Paladin Vendor Report for a comprehensive look at the Noto Regtech Management solution, including:

  • A scalable and high performance risk decision engine  
  • Multi-layered fraud protection with real time alerts
  • User friendly Custom-built machine learning models
  • AML compliance tools to help you stay ahead of the industry and meet your obligations
  • Customized outsource solutions provided by our top experts to help you set up and drive your risk management function

The report also evaluates the ability of Noto to serve as a one-stop-shop risk management platform to combat fraud and financial crime across all your business verticals while keeping you ahead of your competition and in line with your regulatory requirements

About NOTO

Notolytix is a Bulgarian fintech company, established in 2015 by a group of specialists with extensive experience in the field of fraud prevention in the financial sector. The company’s main product is called NOTO – a software solution that addresses real-time AML and Anti Fraud threats of various kinds. NOTO can process transactions from all payment channels and is an extremely fast and flexible assistant to Compliance and Anti Fraud experts.

To learn more about NOTO, visit About NOTO