One solution
to financial crimes

One solution to financial crimes

Businesses are concerned about cybercrimes, but often don’t know how best to prevent them. We believe that to get a comprehensive view of the threat landscape, quickly identify suspicious activities and streamline investigations, companies need to better coordinate their anti-fraud and AML controls.

Data management is one of the most critical areas to focus on. One of the reasons anti-fraud and AML have habitually operated in isolation is that often the data sources are in different systems, owned by different parts of the organisation. Effective financial crime prevention requires synergies across people, processes and technology.

Other areas of attention should include centralized case management, risk assessment and customer experience, all of which are equally important to building a successful business. Deploying a centralized financial crime prevention solution is of paramount importance to scaling sales and operations.

NOTO helps companies to consolidate information from all data sources and provides real-time monitoring and alerts to help organisations to quickly reference high risk user behaviour and transaction patterns.

Noto is truly data agnostic, fully user customisable and user-friendly and provides real-time detection of fraud and money laundering across all business verticals and user interaction channels.


Fine-tune your payment acceptance with our intuitive and flexible rule engine to dramatically reduce chargeback rates.

Get better visibility over your customer base to determine the risk of every single transaction, registration, login, etc. and prevent fraud before it happens.

Profile your customers’ activity and easily detect out of place behaviour. Decrease the risk of account take overs while keeping your processes as consumer-friendly as possible.

Maintain an optimal number of manual reviews and focus your attention on growing your business rather than spending time and resources on maintaining an oversized team.

Set IP rules to control website access on a firewall level to weed out potential attackers but still let your genuine users transact with you promptly and safely.

Use our comprehensive reports to pinpoint areas of improvements not only in the performance of your business rules, but throughout your services and customer experience.

Mihaela Ciocanu
Head of Risk and Antifraud USA @ SumUp

Thanks to the cooperation with NOTO, in the past year SumUp has further improved fraud detection and intervention, which in turn has led to significantly lower chargeback rates.

Martin Marinov
Martin Marinov
Head of Risk @ iCard

Luckily, all our needs were met by a single solution. The integration and introduction were smooth as well great post-implementation technical support. The new software completely changed the overall process and workflows within the Risk Department in an effective and less time-consuming way.

Ana Muschici
AML and Fraud Prevention Manager @ Kantox

As Kantox grew, we needed to address the additional burden on the compliance team. We required a highly flexible transaction monitoring solution that would allow us to develop complex AML and fraud monitoring logic. We chose NOTO and as a result, we are able to more quickly detect fraudulent patterns and monitor suspicious activity more efficiently.

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